Tuition Rates

Find information about tuition rates here. Undergraduate students who pursue simultaneous majors in more than one college will be charged the higher college rate.

Tuition Rates Chart

Download tuition rates in chart format by semester, residency, level, type and college or school.

In addition to the 2.6 percent tuition increase, students in McCombs School of Business and Cockrell School of Engineering will pay a differential tuition of $550/$1,100 (resident/non-resident) per semester, and those in College of Natural Sciences will pay a differential tuition of $250/$500 (resident/non-resident) per semester. These differential rates are included in the advertised tuition rates for students taking 12 or more semester credit hours and will be prorated for students taking less than 12 semester credit hours.

The summer 2021 rates reflect a 25% tuition reduction for undergraduate Texas residents and non-residents (reduction is off of fall/spring tuition rates for the 20-21 academic year).

Note: summer tuition special rates do not apply to Option III programs. The 12-month program fee is a set fee and not subject to summer discounts.


Learn about current tuition rates, cost breakdowns by college/school, tuition rebates, how to pay your tuition, and more.

Summer Tuition Rates, 2021
Fall and Spring Tuition Rates, 2021-22 (PDF)
Fall and Spring Tuition Rates, 2020-21 (PDF)


Fall and Spring Tuition Rates, 2019-20
Summer Tuition Rates, 2020

Texas Longhorn Fixed Tuition



School of Law

Dell Medical School

Dell Medical School Tuition

Tuition and fees for Dell Medical School are assessed annually, at a rate that remains the same across all four years of continuous undergraduate medical education.

Texas Residents

  • 2021 incoming class: $21,087
  • 2020 incoming class: $21,087


  • 2021 incoming class: $35,406
  • 2020 incoming class: $35,406

MBA Dual Degree

Medical students pursuing an MBA as a dual degree are subject to alternate tuition and fees rates in the third year of study.

For Academic Year 2021-22:

  • Texas Residents: $78,232
  • Nonresidents: $90,742

For academic year 2020-21:

  • Texas Residents: $76,020
  • Nonresidents: $88,210

Tuition and Cost of Attendance Calculator

Calculate tuition and cost of attendance rates for upcoming semesters and learn more about payment options, tax exemptions and more.

Cost of Attendance and Tuition Calculator

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