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Registering for Classes

One Stop is here to help you with questions about planning your course schedule, registering for classes and mapping your degree path.

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How to Register for Classes

  1. Meet with Your Academic Advisor

    Meet with your academic advisor in your college or school to discuss your degree requirements. This is recommended for all students and is required for many majors and departments.

  2. Find Your Registration Time

    Find your registration access date and times on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS). Update your contact information if it has changed.

    Registration Time 

  3. Clear Bars

    Check your RIS to see your bars. Clear any bars that prevent you from registering.


  4. Register for Classes

    Register for classes online during your scheduled access times.

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  5. Pay Your Tuition

    Pay your tuition and fee bill or confirm attendance.

    Ways to Pay

If you miss registering during your scheduled access time, learn about late registration.

Need Help?

Meet with your advisor. Find your advisor’s contact information via their college or school at the links below. If you still need help after meeting with your advisor, contact the Graduation Help Desk.

Graduation Help Desk

Course Audit

Permission to audit a course means you can attend a course only if allowed by the course’s instructor and only when space is available. There is no earned credit as an auditor cannot take part in discussions, laboratory or fieldwork, cannot hand in papers, and cannot receive any evaluation.  No academic record or transcript is provided.

Current Texas students must get consent from the Academic Dean and the instructor of the course.

Non-Texas students must get consent from the instructor of the course and pay $20 to the cashiers in Main Building, Room 8. If you are age 65 or over, no payment is necessary.

To audit a class, fill out a Class Auditor Permit. Visit Auditing a Course for more information about the auditing policy.

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– In-person, on-campus services have been suspended until further notice.

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