Final Exam Information

Final exam schedules are published at the start of the term.

Final Exam Schedule for a Class

My Final Exam Schedule

Final exam times are scheduled based on the index of default final exam times, but your final exam may not be scheduled during its default slot, and not all classes hold final exams. Always consult your class syllabus, your instructor and/or your department to confirm your specific class information.

Summer 2024 Final Exams

These are the final exam dates for the Summer 2024 semester:

First-Term Final Exam days

  • Friday, July 12 – Saturday, July 13

Nine-Week Final Exam days

  • Wednesday, July 31 – Thursday, August 1

Second and Whole Term Final Exam days

  • Saturday, August 17 and Monday, August 19

Dates will be updated for next semester as soon as they are available.

Reminders about final exams:

  • “No-class” days and final exam days are listed in the official university academic calendar. No mandatory class meetings can be held on these days.
  • Students cannot be required to take more than three final exams in a single day.
  • Final exams are two hours long by default but some finals can be three hours long.
  • What to do if your final exams are scheduled at the same time:
    • Contact your instructors to schedule a makeup exam. The class holding their final exam in a non-default exam period is responsible for resolving the exam conflict
    • Attend the makeup exam. If you have a conflict with a uniform final exam (an exam that occurs when an academic unit administers a single exam to all students in multiple classes at the same time, also known as ‘departmental exams’), please attend the makeup exam offered. Uniform exams must offer makeup exams.
    • Ask your instructor for an alternate day, if you have more than three exams assigned on a single day. Instructors who are not using the standard exam times (default) or uniform exams should provide an alternative exam time for you. Otherwise, the instructor of your latest 2-hour exam time(s) on days you are scheduled more than three exams, should provide an alternative exam day and time.


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