Degrees and Diplomas

There are several steps you can take to ensure the information on your diploma is correct and confirm how you would like to receive your diploma.

Diploma Information

Your name and degree earned will be displayed on your diploma. The name on your diploma will default to the name listed on your student record file. May 2021 degree candidates may select to have a diploma name that is different from the legal name on their student record. Majors are not included on diplomas.

Name and Degree Corrections

Prior to graduation, you will receive a “Degree Candidate” email from the Office of the Registrar (sent to the email on file with the university), which will ask you to confirm your name and the degree you will earn.

Effective spring 2021 and future semesters, degree candidates may select to have a diploma name that is different from the legal name on their student record. We will be sharing information at a later date detailing how former students, current students, and incoming students can update their chosen and/or diploma names. For the spring 2021 semester, designating a diploma name is only available for May 2021 graduates.

If your email address has changed, update it here.

If you need to correct or change your legal name, bring your original supporting documentation (such as a valid driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, marriage license or divorce decree that reinstates your name) to the Texas One Stop in Main Building (MAI). Photocopies are not accepted. Certified copies of court-ordered name changes are acceptable. Signed name change requests will be processed and documentation returned to the sender. Name changes will be reflected on your permanent record and on your new or reissued diploma.

To avoid any delays in processing your diploma order, please remember to check for any financial bars and/or pay any financial obligations. Also, be sure to verify and update your permanent address.

Receiving Your Diploma

Receiving by Mail

You will receive your diploma by mail within two to three months after graduation. It’s imperative that your permanent address is current; you can verify it here.

Please note: Diplomas are mailed only to your permanent address on file. Forwarding orders will not work; the post office does not forward parcel mail. If you are staying at an address different from your permanent address, you must include “C/O” in front of the name of the person living at that address. (C/O stands for “Care Of.”) For example:

Jane Bevo
C/O Jimmy Longhorn
111 Any Street
Austin, TX 12345

We mail all diplomas via the U.S. Postal Service (throughout the U.S. and internationally). If you want to track your diploma, you can use FedEx at your own expense. This is the only way to receive a tracking number. If you would like to FedEx your diploma, contact Diploma Services at

Ordering a Replacement Diploma

You may order a replacement diploma online, by fax, mail or in person. Your replacement diploma will ship in about a week by first-class mail.

The charge for a replacement diploma is $50. Payment can be made by check or money order made payable to The University of Texas; if paying by credit card, Mastercard, Visa or Discover, include the card’s number and expiration date. We cannot accept American Express.

For diplomas originally issued before 2000, the replacement diploma will bear the signatures of current officials, with the notation “Reissued” appearing below the date awarded.

Order a Replacement Diploma Online

There is a $50 replacement fee.
If ordering through the paper process, print and fill out our order form and either

  • Bring it in to our office in Room 16 of the Main Building;
  • Fax it to 512-475-7515; or
  • Mail it to The University of Texas at Austin, Office of the Registrar, attn Diploma Services, P.O. Box 7216, Austin TX 78713-7216.
  • Scan and email to

Verifying Graduation and Degree

Enrollment Certification

If you have restricted your student record information, then it may not be viewable by potential employers. Restricted information may include: name, degree, majors and dates of attendance. To review or change your restrictions, click here.

Notarizing Diplomas

We can notarize your diploma at no additional charge. Graduates requesting diplomas for employment purposes overseas may need to investigate what authentication is required by the country where the diploma will be presented. Diplomas may be sent overnight at your expense via FedEx, and those fees will be billed to your credit card.


Diplomas requiring an apostille must be notarized, then forwarded to the Texas Secretary of State’s Authentications Unit. You can contact Diploma Services or Texas One Stop for assistance with this process. Additional forms will be required.

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