Degrees and Diplomas

There are several steps you can take to ensure the information on your diploma is correct and confirm how you would like to receive your diploma.

Diploma Information

Your name and degree earned will be displayed on your diploma. The name on your diploma will default to your legal name listed on your student record unless you have requested a diploma name.

Majors, minors, and certificates are not included on diplomas.

Confirming Name and Degree

Prior to graduation, you will receive a “Degree Candidate” email from the Office of the Registrar (sent to the email on file with the university), which will ask you to confirm your diploma name and the degree you will earn.  Please remember to update your email if it has changed.

Degree candidates may select to have a diploma name that is different from the legal name on their student record. A diploma name can be updated the semester of graduation, but unless specified, your legal name will be the default name on the diploma. If you have designated a chosen name on your student record and would like your diploma name to match your chosen name, you will still need to update your diploma name during your graduating semester.

Diploma names are presented in the English Latin alphabet and cannot include numbers, symbols, emojis, icons, honorifics, post-nominals, etc., and will follow current stylistic rendering of the UT Austin diploma, including but not limited to font, capitalization, size, etc.

Diplomas may display accented characters on the diploma. The following accent marks are allowed as part of a diploma name: grave, acute, circumflex, tilde, and umlaut. If you need to add an accent to your name to appear on the diploma, please update diploma name.

If you need to correct or change your legal name, bring your original supporting documentation (such as a valid driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, marriage license or divorce decree that reinstates your name) to the Texas One Stop in Main Building (MAI). Photocopies are not accepted. Certified copies of court-ordered name changes are acceptable. Signed name change requests will be processed and documentation returned to the sender. Name changes will be reflected on your permanent record and on your new or reissued diploma unless a diploma name has been designated.

To avoid any delays in processing your diploma order, please remember to check for any financial bars and/or pay any financial obligations. Also, be sure to verify and update your permanent address.

Receiving Your Diploma

Receiving by Mail

The printed diploma will be mailed directly to you within 6-8 weeks after the end of the semester via the U.S. Postal Service.  Once your diploma ships you will receive an email from our vendor partner, Paradigm, with tracking information. Diplomas are only mailed to your permanent address on file, so to ensure timely delivery it’s imperative that your permanent address is current; you can verify it here.

CeDiploma (Electronic Diploma)

The CeDiploma is available at no charge for graduates of the Fall 2023 class and forward. After you receive notification that your paper diploma has shipped, you will receive a second email with instructions on how to retrieve your digital credential.

For former students who graduated before December 2023, you may order a CeDiploma for $60 via MyReorder by selecting “Legacy CeDiploma”. CeDiplomas for former students are available for download within 5 business days of placing the order.

The CeDiploma is a patented digital credential (official, highly secure, and certifiable PDF) and an exact duplicate of the paper diploma. It’s fast, free to new graduates, and shareable. To validate your UT CeDiploma credential, visit the UT CeDiploma webpage for more information.

Ordering a Replacement Diploma

You may order a replacement paper diploma or CeDiploma online. The charge for a paper replacement diploma is $50, non-refundable. Reordered paper diplomas are shipped within 10-15 business days.

For alum of the Fall 2023 class and forward, there is no charge for the CeDiploma. If needed, to request a new download link, please use the CeCredential Trust site to resend the link. For alum who graduated before December 2023, the cost for a CeDiploma is $60, available within 5 business days. For more information on ordering see the above section, “CeDiploma (Electronic Diploma)”.

For diplomas originally issued before 2001, the replacement diploma may bear the signatures of current officials, with the notation “Reissued” appearing below the date awarded.

To order a replacement diploma with a new diploma name, you must first verify or update your diploma name in the Name Management System.

For more information on diploma name, see section Confirming Name and Degree.

Verifying Graduation and Degree

Enrollment Certification

If you have restricted your student record information, then it may not be viewable by potential employers. Restricted information may include: name, degree, majors and dates of attendance. To review or change your restrictions, click here. Your diploma name will display via the Degree Verify site when verifying degree earned. Some employers require legal name to be presented on required documentation such as official transcript and diploma. Please keep this in mind when updating diploma name.

Notarizing Diplomas

Your diploma will be mailed directly to you. Paper diplomas can be notarized at the Texas One Stop located in Main 1 (ground floor of the UT Tower) at no additional charge. Graduates requesting diplomas for employment purposes overseas may need to research what authentication is required by the country where the diploma will be presented. 


UT Austin is happy to offer a Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma) to graduates of the Fall 2023 class and forward. The CeDiploma has legal standing, is non-repudiating, and can be validated through the UT CeDiploma webpage to provide absolute confidence in the credential’s authenticity.   

If an apostille is needed, visit the Texas Secretary of State website for instructions on how to obtain that authentication.  Before requesting an apostille from the Texas Secretary of State your documents must be notarized. Our office is able to assist with the notarization.

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