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We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. During these peak times, you may be offered a callback so you can speak with a coordinator directly.
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If you are calling with summer billing questions, please note you have until June 5 to make a payment without penalty.
Note: Your courses will be canceled if payment is not made by June 5 at 5pm. Thank you for your patience.

Add/Drop a Course

At the beginning of each semester, you can add or drop classes if you have registered and paid in a previous period. Check your Registration Information Sheet online to find out when you can access the registration system for add/drops. Refer to the General Information Catalog for complete add/drop policies and procedures.

Add Courses

You may add courses using the registration system through the fourth class day (second class day in summer). After that time, you must obtain departmental approval to add a course.

Check to see if your class has a prerequisite requirement. Prerequisites are academic requirements that you must meet before or during enrollment for your desired courses.

Adding/Dropping Courses and Its Impact on Financial Aid

Drop Courses

Consult with your academic advisor about how dropping courses might impact your academic progress, financial aid or access to campus resources. If you drop below full-time status (which is 12 hours for undergraduates and 9 hours for graduates in fall and spring), you will be considered a part-time student. If you wish to drop all of your courses after the semester begins, you must withdraw entirely from the university.


If you realize you want to drop a class after the 12th class day, you will need to start a Q-drop request before the Q-drop deadline, which typically occurs near the middle of the semester. See the academic calendar for exact dates. Meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss and fill out the drop form. Graduate students may drop a course after the Q-drop deadline. The instructor determines whether the symbol Q or a grade of F will be recorded. See your graduate program coordinator for details.

OTE (One-Time Exception) Drops

A One-Time Exception is a Q-drop or withdrawal after the regular deadline. Every undergraduate is allowed one OTE, whether it is used to withdraw from all classes or drop one class. An OTE drop counts as one of your six Q-drops. Once you’ve used it, you cannot use it again. See your advisor for more information.

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Taking a Course Pass/Fail

If you are an undergraduate student, in order to take a course pass/fail, you must have completed 30 or more credit hours. No more than two courses per semester may be taken pass/fail. For more information, see the University Catalog.

During the first 12 class days (four class days in the summer), you can change your grading status through the registration system. After that date, you must meet with your academic advisor to have it changed. Consult the academic calendar for specific dates for the pass/fail deadline.

If you are a graduate student, you may change registration in a class from the credit/no credit basis to the letter-grade basis or from the letter-grade basis to the credit/no credit basis until the deadline given in the Academic Calendar.

If you are a law school student, you may change registration in only a designated class from the pass/fail basis to the letter-grade basis or from the letter-grade basis to the pass/fail basis until the deadline given in the Academic Calendar.


Add yourself to the waitlist if the class is closed and the waitlist is on. The waitlist will automatically register you for the class once a seats opens. See where you are on the waitlist.

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