Tuition Bills

You will receive an electronic bill (eBill) notifying you of your costs for tuition and any other university charges. This may include installment bills and billing for tuition or emergency cash loans. EBills are delivered more quickly than bills sent via postal mail, and electronic payments are posted immediately to your account. The bill can easily be forwarded to the paying party if it is someone other than you. Secure payments can be made from any computer with internet access, anytime, anywhere.

No paper bills will be mailed, so be sure to keep your email addresses on file with the university current as required by the University Electronic Mail Student Notification Policy.

According to university policy, email messages are considered delivered to you even if they are returned to the university because of either a full inbox or use of a spam filter. You are responsible for timely payment of your tuition bill whether or not your eBill is successfully received.

To verify your payment was received, go to your My Tuition Bill page. When your payment is posted, there will be a message on My Tuition Bill stating that “Your registration is complete and your courses are secure.” If your tuition is paid with financial aid, you may still see a balance owed until financial aid is disbursed.

Log in with your EID to see your balance.

What I Owe

Payment Deadline

The payment deadline is shown on your My Tuition Bill page. Once there, log in to the system using your EID. Payment is due before 5 p.m. of the day of the listed deadline, or your registration will be canceled.

How to Pay in Installments

The minimum amount to confirm your attendance is $1,500 for Texas residents and $5,000 for non-residents. The remaining balance of your tuition bill is due on the 12th class day. If you choose to not pay the remaining amount on the 12th class day, you will automatically put on an installment plan and incur a $15 fee. Tuition installments are not available for summer sessions. 

View payment deadlines.

How Financial Aid Affects Your Tuition Bill

Financial aid funds will be released on a rolling basis about a week before the first day of class each semester.

Make sure you keep your enrollment information up to date and take care of outstanding requirements on CASH (Check Aid Status Here) through Summer 2024 to ensure your tuition is confirmed and will be paid on time with your financial aid. Beginning Fall 2024, visit My Financial Aid to view your outstanding requirements. 

On My Tuition Bill, click View Bill, then if your financial aid fully covers your tuition, click Pay with Financial Aid. Your classes are secured once you indicate you are paying with financial aid.

Your tuition bill will show a balance due until your financial aid funds are released after the tuition deadline.

Zero Bill

If you have a zero ($0.00) tuition bill, you still need to confirm your attendance by clicking the “Confirm Attendance” button on My Tuition Bill before the 5 p.m. deadline on your payment due date, or your classes will be canceled.

More Than Required Aid

After your debts, such as tuition or on-campus housing, are paid, any excess financial aid will be refunded to you to help pay for books, transportation, off-campus housing and other miscellaneous costs.

If you signed up for direct deposit, your refund will appear in your bank account in two to three business days. If you did not sign up for direct deposit, a paper check will be sent to the address you have on file in five business days.

If excess financial aid funds are sent to an account that has been closed or is no longer valid, contact Payment Information.

Less Than Anticipated Aid

If financial aid does not fully cover your bill, you will need to pay the balance due by the deadline.

Making Changes to Your Aid Offer

You can accept or make changes to your offer  on your CASH (Check Aid Status Here) page through Summer 2024. Beginning Fall 2024, use the “Adjust My Funding” option in the My Financial Aid portal to make changes to your offer. 

You can reduce individual awards, except grants and scholarships or previously accepted loans and work-study, for individual semesters down to the minimum award amount by changing the figure in the “Accepted Amount” column.

You can decline individual awards, except grants and scholarships, for individual semesters by entering $0 (no decimals) in the “Accepted Amount” column.

If you choose to cancel your offer, you are canceling and refusing your entire financial aid offer for either or both semesters. You can cancel individual semesters by checking the “Cancel” box. Check this box if you will not be enrolling in one or more semesters.


Follow the steps in the videos to accept your FAN and pay your tuition through Summer 2024.

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