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How will classes be delivered the remainder of the spring semester? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Starting on March 30, the university will be moving all spring semester classes online. This decision has been made to protect the health and safety of all members of the UT community and reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the university and beyond.

What are the deadlines for dropping a course (Q drop), withdrawing, or changing a course to P/F? (updated on 03/23/2020)

Students will be given until the last class day, Friday, May 8, to Q-drop a course or to withdraw with a W from the university, overriding existing deadlines. Note that all Q-drops will be treated as “substantive, non-academic course drops,” which means that they won’t count against the maximum of six allowed Qs.

For courses in which Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit are currently available as grading options, students will be given until the last class day, Friday, May 8, to change the grading basis in the course. Note that other academic policy changes, including some that would allow any class to be taken P/F or CR/NC, are currently being studied by the Faculty Council.

Students are advised to speak with their academic advisor before taking any action.

How am I communicated about my class and coursework for the remainder of the semester? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Your instructor will be reaching out by Friday, March 27 with important details related to the remote learning environment for the remainder of the semester.

The most important key to being a good online student is staying connected with your instructor. Wake up and stay structured as you normally would with on-campus courses. Get help from family and friends if you need some nudges to keep up with lectures and assignments.

Will the move to remote instruction have an impact on my ability to graduate? (updated on 03/19/2020)

The university is poised to support your transition to remote instruction so there is no impact on your ability to graduate. If you are struggling with your graduation plan during this transition, please be sure to contact the Graduation Help Desk for support. They have the tools and resources to help you with finding a solution.

How do I meet with my academic advisor? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Most academic advisors are working remotely, and ready to meet with you via Zoom, phone, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. They can also be reached by email. Please contact your advisor to be sure you are prepared to register for your summer/fall classes. Your academic advisor can also assist with pointing you toward the resources available to make your transition to remote learning successful.

What do I do if I have an emergency or become ill and unable to attend class? (updated on 03/22/2020)

Please complete the absence notification request through Student Emergency Services in the Office of the Dean of Students. SES will inform your faculty or program coordinator as well as the student dean of your college of your situation.

How do I finish this semester strong? (updated on 03/19/2020)

While classes may be moving online, University staff and resources remain open and ready to serve student needs. Our interactions may be modified due to remote connections, but we are here for you and ready to help. To finish strong, you can:
– Learn more about being successful in an online course environment. Additional information about the university’s move to an online learning environment can be found here.
– Contact Texas One Stop/Graduation Help Desk if you get stuck anywhere along the way during this transition.
– Contact your academic advisor to ensure you are prepared to register for summer/fall and remain on track with your degree plan.
– Rest assured that companies, professional schools, and graduate schools understand the challenges students are facing this spring.
– Know that we are all in this together, and together we’ll finish Longhorn strong.


Can I still attend a campus tour? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Admissions has suspended campus visits, Admission Welcome Center tours and in-person events until further notice and is instead offering a number of online and virtual options for prospective students and their families. Please visit the Admission website for additional information.

Will the deposit deadline of May 1 be extended? (updated on 03/19/2020)

The deposit deadline is still May 1.

Will my courses be held online in the fall 2020? (updated on 03/25/2020)

The university is working to toward all Spring 2020 classes being online beginning March 30 and will continue to evaluate both online and in class formats for future terms.

Will there still be an Orientation this summer? (updated on 03/19/2020)

At this time, orientation has not been rescheduled. Please check the Orientation website for updates.

Graduate and International Admissions (GIAC)

Is GIAC open to see visitors in person? (updated on 03/26/2020)

No, GIAC is currently not seeing walk-ins and staff are working remotely. Staff may be reached via email.

Can I call and speak to someone in GIAC by phone? (updated on 03/26/2020)

No. Staff are currently working remotely away from the phone system and are not available for calls.

Will GIAC receive mail during this time? (updated on 03/26/2020)

No. While staff are working remotely, they will not be processing documents sent by mail. They will resume processing mail as soon as they return to the office, at a to-be-determined date. Please do not send mail to GIAC at this time. However, if you have already sent something, it is our understanding that USPS and courier services will hold the mail until staff return.

I am an applicant. How do I provide my materials if you are not in the office? (updated on 03/26/2020)

Applicants can upload materials via MyStatus and the Document Upload System. The only items that cannot be uploaded are test scores, which are sent electronically via the testing agency. Staff are able to continue receiving and processing test scores remotely.

I am an admitted student and need to clear a registration bar. How can I do this? (updated on 03/26/2020)

Students admitted for summer or fall 2020 will have until registration for spring 2021 to provide official transcripts. Your registration bars for official transcripts will not prohibit you from registering for summer or fall 2020.

If your institution can send transcripts through SPEEDE, Parchment, or CHESICC & CDGDC, please do so. Staff can continue to process transcripts received through these services.

If you do not have the ability to use one of those services, you will need to provide the official paper documents produced directly by the Registrar’s Office at your institution (not a printed PDF, emailed transcript or other print out). You have until registration for spring 2021 to do so. Please do not send paper documents at this time. We will update this page when our office opens and mail processing resumes.

When will GIAC reopen? (updated on 03/26/2020)

It has not yet been determined when GIAC will reopen. This page will be updated as soon as we learn more.

Will admission decisions be delayed? (updated on 03/26/2020)

At the graduate level, admissions decisions are made by individual graduate programs. GIAC is not aware of any delays in admissions decisions due to COVID-19, and programs continue to review applications and post decisions. For more information, contact the graduate coordinator in the program to which you have applied to determine when decisions may be posted.

What if I cannot complete all admission requirements (including standardized tests such as the GRE or GMAT) by the application deadline? (updated on 03/26/2020)

Individual graduate programs determine application deadlines and any exceptions. Please consult the admissions contact or graduate coordinator in the program to which you are applying to inquire about deadlines and exceptions. A complete list of programs and contacts is available on the Graduate School website.


Will I still have access to Career Fairs? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Texas Career Engagement is working hard to move all campus career fairs to an online format. Please visit their website for updates.


I’ve never needed to use accommodations before but my disability is now impacting my ability to participate in my classes in the new online format. What can I do? (updated on 03/22/2020)

You can still register with SSD to set up accommodations for online courses. Please visit How To Register for more information. You may also want to communicate with your instructor about the parts of the class that are difficult for you because they may have some additional resources or suggestions.

How will my disability accommodations work in online classes? (updated on 03/20/2020)

Students with disabilities can still use their accommodations, but the accommodations you need may be different for online classes. SSD has created a webpage to help you think through how/if your accommodations will apply. You should communicate with your instructor regarding the accommodations you still need to use in your class. You can still contact your Disabilities Services Coordinator with any questions about your accommodations.


I heard that the Co-op is offering students free digital textbooks. Is that true? (updated on 03/22/2020)

Yes. The Co-op has partnered with digital course materials provider, VitalSource, and leading publishers, to launch VitalSource Helps, a program that provides free access to ebooks to all university students through May 25. Students may begin accessing these materials at [Students will need to create an account using their “.edu” email. Personal emails will not work for this program.]

“Custom” materials will not be available through this program. Additional information, including how to access the program and answers to frequently asked questions for students and faculty can be found here.

Are UT Libraries open? (updated on 03/22/2020)

UT  library operations have been consolidated at PCL and other locations are closed, however, staff is equipped to provide essential services from home to support the UT community. Library hours, contact info, and updates are available here. For complete and up-to-date location hours, visit the library hours page.

What can I do about my parking permit? (updated on 03/22/2020)

For those with permits that are not waitlisted, such as C or A permits, students can request a pro-rated refund by emailing with their name, EID, permit number, and a local mailing address. Please ensure you have an updated “Local Address” on UT Direct. If you do not have direct deposit, a refund check will be mailed to this address.

Students can repurchase a non-waitlisted permit upon their return.

Due to extenuating circumstances, the requirement to return the physical permit has been waived. However, if the permit is found in use on campus, the vehicle will be immobilized, and the full amount of the permit plus any other fees or fines will be due. PTS recommends students destroy the permit by cutting in a quartered manner to prevent misuse of the permit after disposal. The issuance of a refund signifies your acceptance of these terms.

I was abroad this spring semester and just returned. What should I do next? (updated on 03/25/2020)

Students returning from abroad should follow the guidance to self-monitor or self-isolate as outlined by UHS. Students completing their abroad courses online should stay dedicated to their academic pursuits and follow the guidance of their overseas program. Students needing additional guidance should contact their study abroad coordinator. Additional information can be found on the Texas Global site.

I am an international student, where can I find more information? (updated on 03/28/2020)

International students should contact International Student and Scholar Services for related information and assistance.

How do I upgrade my EID? (updated on 03/26/2020)

Students can upgrade their EID by using Student Remote EID Updgrade form. If you have questions upgrading your EID, please reference this knowledge base article: Upgrading a UT EID or visit the FAQs. If you need further assistance please contact the ID center.

How do I get my ID card, or get a replacement? (updated on 03/26/2020)

Please visit the ID center website for operational hours and details. There is also a helpful FAQ page for your reference.


What if I am a student experiencing financial hardship or having difficulty meeting basic needs due to COVID 19? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Please contact Student Emergency Services or Texas One Stop at

What will happen to my student employment role on campus? (updated on 03/19/2020)

If you are a student employee on campus, please contact and work directly with your supervisor. If you are a work-study student employee, please review the provided FAQ and speak with your supervisor.

If I need to submit a form to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid/Texas One Stop office, what is the best way to do that? (updated on 03/19/2020)

If applicable, you may upload your requested documents via CASH. To submit paper documents (such as appeals or applications), please scan a PDF of your document and email directly to Texas One Stop at sending an email to Texas One Stop, please make sure to use your UT email address. As an important reminder, please do not use email to send your social security number or other confidential information.

Will I receive a tuition refund now that my classes are online? (updated on 03/25/2020)

While all classroom coursework for the remainder of the spring semester is being transitioned to various virtual learning methods, tuition for the semester will remain the same without adjustments. The university’s shift to a remote learning environment ensures that our spring semester courses continue and that students are able to successfully complete their spring coursework and credits while maintaining satisfactory progress toward their degrees. As the university is making technology resources readily available to students through online learning platforms, faculty and colleges are working together to ensure that the educational student experience continues with limited disruption, providing a complete and quality learning experience for the remainder of spring semester. This policy will be consistent at all UT System schools around the state. 

Will my financial aid change as a result of switching to remote instruction? (updated on 03/19/2020)

No. If your classes are transitioning from in-person to online format, your aid will not change as a result.

I am expecting a refund from my housing, dining or program related cancelations. How do I know if it is in process? (updated on 03/25/2020)

Prorated housing and dining refunds for certain students who have moved out of the on campus residence halls will post to individual student accounts. Refunds will vary from student to student based on room type. In an effort to facilitate the receipt of partial housing and dining refunds for the remainder of spring term housing costs, we advise that students and/or families enroll in direct deposit or verify and update their bank information here. Please note it will take 30 days after March 21 to process. If students have unpaid bills that are due or past due, the adjustment will pay those bills before being refunded. For additional information, please visit the on campus residence hall FAQ.

In the event that a course is canceled, related tuition refunds will post to individual student accounts after consideration has been made for loans or any outstanding balances. The cancelation must first be processed, which can take up to 30 days after notification of the cancelation. Given the variety programs across the university, processing timelines will vary, we therefore recommend students contact their program coordinator or advisor for specific information.

Although my courses are now online, I understand that the university will not be refunding spring tuition. Since I am no longer attending classes on campus, will my on campus student activities and support services fees be refunded? (updated on 03/25/2020)

Tuition dollars and fees support the delivery of our educational mission. As the university transitions to a remote learning environment, funds for in-person student activities and support services are being utilized so that students and faculty have the necessary digital resources, including learning platforms, enhanced support for completing coursework in an online environment, and the transition to virtual academic advising and services. This policy will be consistent at all UT System schools around the state.

What if I need immediate assistance for medical expenses, relocation, rent, food, or other needs? (updated on 03/25/2020)

Please contact Student Emergency Services directly for immediate help and support.


What if my family's circumstances have changed? (updated on 03/25/2020)

If you or your family have experienced recent job loss, increased medical expenses, or other unexpected circumstances and you you have already completed the FAFSA, please complete the special circumstances appeal and send via email to TOS at The special circumstances appeal allows the school to assess your financial aid and make any adjustments to your financial aid package given your current situation.

What if I never filed for aid, but now I need to? (updated on 03/25/2020)

Students in need of federal financial aid must complete the FAFSA. Information regarding the FAFSA, as well as contact information for those in need of assistance, can be found on the Texas One Stop website.  

Am I still accruing interest on my institutional loan? What if I am in repayment and cannot pay? (updated on 03/26/2020)

If your loan is a cash or short term institutional loan, your interest is currently being waived. For loans such as Perkins and Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP), if you are currently enrolled, interest does not normally accrue while you are in school. If you are unable to make your payments, please contact

Am I still accruing interest on my federal student loans? What if I am in repayment and cannot pay? (updated on 03/26/2020)

There are many helpful FAQs on the federal student aid website. As information continues to evolve, please check for updates. Currently, all loans owned by the Education Department (ED) will have interest waived beginning March 13, 2020 and continue for 60 days after that date. If you have questions regarding repaying or emergency forbearance, please visit the federal student aid website for all of the details.

Registration and Transcripts

Can I register for summer and fall courses? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Absolutely! Registration for the summer and fall semester begin April 20 and go through May 1. Check your registration sheet starting April 1 to see your registration dates and times.

Can I come to campus to pick up a transcript in person? (updated on 03/22/2020)

Transcripts are not able to be picked up in person at this time. If you need a transcript, please visit us online and review your online ordering options here. If you need a transcript quickly, please view the expedited delivery options.


What is needed to learn remotely? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Please visit Moving to Online Classes for more information.

What technology resources are available to me as a student? (updated on 03/24/2020)

For students who need additional technology assistance such as laptops, hotspots, software, or other items, the university has provided a comprehensive list of options and contacts.


What if I don't have stable wi-fi? (updated on 03/19/2020)

Students should reach out to Student Emergency Services for assistance with technology during the remote campus environment.

What resources do I have for troubleshooting audio/visual technologies? (updated on 03/28/2020)

Still need technology help? (updated on 03/28/2020)

Contact the ITS Service Desk:

The Service Desk’s current call center hours are M- F from 6 AM – 10 PM. Weekends 10 AM – 5 PM.

The Service Desk provides the University of Texas community with a centralized point of contact for help with a variety of topics, including questions concerning information technology, business processes, services, applications, and navigating IT @ UT.

Graduate Students

Graduate students should refer to the resources provided by the Graduate School and related graduate programs. Please click here for more information.

Is the Graduate School open to students? (updated on 03/20/2020)

In response to the university’s social distancing policy for COVID-19, the Graduate School will not be open for student walk-ins until further notice. However, staff will be available by email.

How can students contact the Graduate School and submit forms? (updated on 03/20/2020)

Students can contact the Graduate School and submit forms via email at:

Please include your name and UT EID in all correspondence. All forms must be submitted in PDF format. Please ensure forms contain all the required signatures before emailing, as failure to do so may delay processing.

 For more information and links to forms for current and graduating students, please visit the Graduate School’s online resources for current and graduating students.

May faculty members have TAs/AIs help with coursework revisions and transitions to online instruction? (updated on 03/20/2020)

Leading up to classes resuming online on March 30, supervising faculty members may ask teaching assistants (TAs) and assistant instructors (AIs) to help transition their courses to online delivery.

While classes have been delayed until March 30, TAs and AIs may be asked to assist with relevant classes before this date as part of their academic employment. Requests from supervising faculty members should be consistent with AI/TA hourly appointments for the relevant classes.

Will oral exams—such as proposal and defense exams—still need to be available to the public? (updated on 03/20/2020)

No, exams do not need to be made available to the public.

How should Ph.D. defenses be organized? (updated on 03/20/2020)

Given the university’s current policy on meetings of two or more individuals, final defenses should be conducted remotely if at all possible.

Doctoral students and their committees should consult in advance to identify an acceptable format. This may include individual communication between student and committee member, rather than the conventional single defense presentation to the entire committee.

The Faculty Innovation Center has prepared guides and more information to facilitate electronic meetings between supervising committees and their students.

Does the Graduate School require all committee members sign the Report of Dissertation Committee? (updated on 03/19/2020)


Does the Graduate School accept digital signatures? (updated on 03/20/2020)

Yes. Electronic signatures continue to be approved for use on all graduate school forms such as the Request for Final Oral, Master’s Committee Approval form and Report of Dissertation Committee. Digital signatures or scanned signatures are also allowed.

Have the submission deadlines for submitting graduation materials been delayed? (updated on 03/20/2020)

No. At this time, the university has stated the semester will end as scheduled, and the final submission deadline for reports, theses and dissertations remains May 8. The Graduate School continues to work with relevant offices on campus and will notify students if this deadline changes.

What teaching resources are available to help graduate students transition to online learning? (updated on 03/19/2020)

The Faculty Innovation Center has developed resources for graduate student instructors on its website, including tips on conducting office hours remotely, using Canvas and communicating with students.

Will the Q-drop and withdrawal deadlines be extended? (updated on 03/27/2020)

Yes. The Q-drop period requiring only the graduate adviser’s signature has been extended to the last class day – May 8. Additionally, students may choose a Credit/No Credit grading option in courses where that was not previously allowed. Before deciding to drop or change the grading option for a course, graduate students should discuss the change with their graduate advisers.

Veterans Benefits

Will my GI Bill® benefits be impacted by COVID-19? (updated on 03/27/2020)

According to Senate Bill 3503, signed into law March 21, 2020, the conversion of a course or program from in-residence to online due to COVID-19 will not impact a student’s certification, Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA), nor Post-9/11 GI Bill® tuition and fee payments,  from March 1, 2020 to December 21, 2020. If you have further questions, please contact us at or 512-475-7540.

Will my Hazlewood Exemption be impacted by COVID-19? (updated on 03/27/2020)

No. Your Hazlewood Exemption is not impacted by COVID-19. If you have further questions, please contact us at or 512-475-7540.

I used to be able to walk-in and consult with the Veteran Certification team at MAI. How do I reach the Veteran Certification team now if I have a question? (updated on 03/27/2020)

We are still available and happy to answer any and all student questions! Here are the current best ways for you to reach us:

  1. Email – We are monitoring our email inboxes daily and are replying as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  2. Phone – You may call us at 512-475-7540. (Note: Beginning April 1, 2020 we will be able to answer our phones again. Until then, we are checking voicemails and responding via email whenever possible.)
  3. ZOOM – If you would like to meet ‘face-to-face’ with one of our staff members, please email either or with the subject line: STUDENT CONSULT REQUEST, your UT EID. Be sure to include possible appointment dates, as well as any information regarding what you would like to discuss. We will confirm your appointment time and reply via email. We are available to meet Monday – Friday, 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Can I still submit Hazlewood applications, apply for GI Bill® Benefits, and/or submit supporting documents (i.e. award letters, military transcripts, DD214s, advisor letters, degree plans, etc.)? (updated on 03/27/2020)

You will still be able to apply for the Hazlewood Exemption using the online Hazlewood Portal and request GI Bill® Benefits by completing our GI Bill® Questionnaire. You can upload documents through the GI Bill® Document Upload page and Hazlewood documents in the Hazlewood Portal.

Post 9/11 GI Bill® Beneficiary, Monthly Housing Payments: What happens when a modality changes for enrollment terms due to COVID-19? (updated on 03/26/2020)

Based on the new law, Post 9/11 GI Bill® students who pursue resident courses converted to an online modality solely due to COVID-19 will continue to receive the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) rate for resident training. The law only authorizes this special authority from March 1, 2020, to December 21, 2020.

Additional information can be found on the university’s FAQ page.

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